Sources for Nuclear News

Here are some resources to help you stay updated on nuclear related news

Nuclear SmartBrief – “A daily email news brief that provides you a quick, two-minute read that will help keep you up to date on the latest nuclear industry news”

World Nuclear News – “On a daily basis World Nuclear News provides free and accurate public information on the subject of nuclear power.”

NRC Basic References – Contains information to help understand nuclear energy, the role and duties of the NRC, and links to a few newsletters.

Daily Energy Insider – “A daily source for the latest U.S. policy and regulation news that is helping to shape an evolving energy sector”

Nuclear Outreach & Activism

These links will help you gain a better understanding of nuclear energy and power. That knowledge serves as the basis for our outreach and activism. – Started by UMICH students, it details comprehensively nuclear concepts, power, uses, issues, advanced tech, and more.

Nuclear Connect – A large collection of info regarding nuclear technology, its applications, and the challenges it faces. It also provides guides on communicating on these topics.

Generation Atomic – An organization working to change the culture and build a movement to support nuclear energy. Their app features small, actionable items you can do to make a difference.

Professional Development

These groups exist to help you in a professional setting. Some also offer scholarships, fellowships, and other awards.

American Nuclear Society – Our parent organization. Meetings, publications, and a plethora of resources can be found there.

North American Young Generation in Nuclear – “NAYGN is a grassroots organization of young professionals in the nuclear science and technology fields.”

Professional Women in ANS – PWANS is a subcommittee of ANS which focuses on promoting participation of women in nuclear industry and science

Diversity and Inclusion in ANS – DIA serves to promote diversity and inclusion in nuclear science, technology, and engineering and attract diverse and underrepresented groups into nuclear or other STEM-related fields

Women in Nuclear – WIN was created to help drive a culture in nuclear energy and technology in which both women and men succeed

General Education

Some links to help you through the difficult coursework GT has in store for you.

3Blue1Brown – Excellently animated videos explaining high level, mathematical concepts in an intuitive way.

Recommended Series: Essence of Linear Algebra

Khan Academy – A great place to refresh or learn some of the fundamental concepts you encounter in your first year or two.

Coursera – Massive open online course​ platform with many free options and the ability to audit those that are paid.

Recommended Course: Learning How to Learn

MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT OCW is open source access to a wide range of MIT courses covering basic and advanced engineering topics. They have nuclear concepts under nuclear engineering and physics.

Have Suggestions for Additional Resources?

We’re working to expand this section, especially in the area of medical physics. If you have suggestions for any of the categories above or for the new MP sections, email me at – Lisa