Committees are formed for special purpose projects within Georgia Tech ANS. The next committee will be for drafting the proposal for hosting the American Nuclear Society’s National Student Conference here at Georgia Tech, and we’re looking for a team of individuals from all grade levels to join.

Current active committees:

Conference Proposal Committee

  • The¬†conference proposal committee is working to develop a proposal to host the 2018 American Nuclear Society Student Conference at Georgia Tech. The proposal is in its second edition after being reviewed at the national level.
  • The conference proposal committee will be working throughout the summer of 2016 in order to submit it again in October.

NRE Career Fair Committee

  • The professional development chair works with several officers (members of the executive committee) and member volunteers to bring together companies specifically with the intent of hiring NREs among other majors.
  • The NRE Career Fair committee¬†will be seeking company representatives at the beginning of Fall in order to give students more opportunities for internships, co-ops, and careers early in the year.