The time is now to register for our February 2017 Nuclear Science Merit Badge Day!

This event will be our first to host both Girl Scouts AND Boy Scouts for the “Nuclear Science” merit badge as well as the “Get to Know Nuclear” patch.

Note that there are several parts to preparing your scout for this event, so read carefully. This post will guide you through it step by step, but you need to acknowledge the following before beginning.

What you need to know before registration:

  • The registration form must be completed for each scout
  • Registration is currently limited to students in 6th grade and up.
  • The scout must complete and turn in their homework
  • The registration fee is $10 per scout
  • Pizza will be provided for lunch and is covered in the registration fee (any dietary concerns should be addressed via email)
  • A Photo Release form must be completed for each scout
  • The scout must also bring their blue card for the event
  • Scouts must be dressed in proper lab attire to participate which means they need to be wearing:
    • Closed-toe shoes
    • Full-length pants
    • A shirt which covers as much as or more than a t-shirt
  • Your scout must sign in from 9:00-9:30 AM on Saturday, February 25th. Failure to do so could prevent them from participating and obtaining their Nuclear Science Merit Badge/Get to Know Nuclear patch.
  • Similarly, if your scout must leave before the event ends at 3:00 PM, this could prevent the scout from obtaining their badge.
  • Parents and troop leaders are welcome to remain with us for the duration of the event. Parents and troop leaders are not guaranteed a provided lunch due to the limited quantity of pizza ordered, but there are plenty of alternatives on and near-by campus for them.

Now let’s get started!

Do the following for each scout:

  1. Sorry- Registration is closed! Look back for our next nuclear badge day potentially in April!
  2. Confirm registration (These are two directories because we created a new form to fix some bugs. If you are here, you’re all set).
  3. Print and complete the NSMB Homework and Photo Release Form
  4. Read the NSMBD Event Details

Any questions and concerns should be directed to Tera Sparks at

If you registered but can no longer attend, please email us, thanks!