Meeting Minutes 9/9/2014

We are looking for someone interested in being the Professional Development Chair; duties would include setting up workshops as well as help to plan the conference. If you are interested, contact Andrew. The Westinghouse tour is on October 3rd, spaces are limited so sign up soon (you can only go if you have paid your dues). PAY YOUR DUES PLEASE. The availability form for the Student/Professor Coffee Hour will be sent out soon as well as a form for the mentorship program.


There has been an email format change, in the future we will be using gmail instead of mailchimp


Boyscout day is Nov 8- we need volunteers!

NNSW-tabling in the Student Center

ME Family Weekend Reception 9/12 (3-430 MRDC 2nd floor Atrium)

Apply for scholarships! Dylan Robideaux and Anna Malcom are last year’s winners

Natl Science Foundation in October-scholarships and workshops

Friend Martin Zavala on Facebook so you can get invited to all of our fun social events



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