Meeting Minutes 9/23/2014

If you’re interested in going to the Braves game with ANS on Wednesday 9/24 (tomorrow) please let

Martin know NOW. We will be having Trivia Next Tuesday at Steamhouse, look out for an email from

Martin. If you want to be a mentor/mentee, email Martin today as soon as possible.

• We’re having difficulties with our gmail so if you aren’t receiving emails, please email Ashley and

we can add you to the list.

• Boyscout day is Nov 8- we need volunteers!

• NNSW-tabling in the Student Center

• Speaker from UT/ORNL Graham Wilford

• Coffee Hour is on 10/22 at 4 pm in the Seminar room

• We will be having a tailgate for the Miami Whiteout game-look out for more details to come!