Boy Scout Nuclear Science Merit Badge Form Fall 2014- closed

Boy Scout Nuclear Science Merit Badge Form Fall 2014- closed

Sep 24, 2014

Unfortunately, we have filled up all spaces available for boy scouts for the Fall 2014 session, but we will be back in Spring 2015 for a second Merit Badge Day!


  1. Michelle Maughan /

    How will be know if we were one of the first 45 to respond? Will confirmation or denial be provided via email?

    Thank you and we are excited about this opportunity. Ryan’s dad is a 1981 GT grad and Ryan is hoping to attend GT in 4 years.


  2. Brian Schintzius /

    Where is the link to register?

  3. Shivne Wilson /

    Darrel Greenland, Boy Scout Troop 748 is super interested. We hope he is one of the first 45. My phone number is 404-423-8118

  4. Caleb Brown /

    I would like to register my son Caleb for the boy scout nuclear science merit badge.
    Thank you!

  5. Jack Mallon /

    Could you please put me on your wait list? I’m extremely interested in nuclear science and would love to have this opportunity!

  6. Michael Morey /

    Michael Morey would like to attend the nuclear science merit badge clinic
    Thank you

  7. Victor Dean /

    If you have a cancelation please let me know (if there is a wait list)as my son Ryan Dean would like to attend. Otherwise please include us on your email distribution for the spring signup.


    Victor Dean

  8. Nolan Hale /

    I missed this Fall session, but I’d love to get into the next one. Is there a way to get notice when the next session opens?

    Many thanks,

  9. Noah Sitar /

    I’m sorry I will have to miss this event. I have registered for the SAT on the same day.
    Noah Sitar

  10. Bob Poole /


    I had submitted my son for the merit badge seminar November 8,2014. His name is Ryan H(Harry)Poole and I would like to know if he made the cut. If there are any questions, please give me a call at 770-312-7025 or email me at

    I thank you for your time and attention


    Bob Poole

    “Harry’s Dad

  11. S Pfaff /

    Please let me know when the 2015 session is scheduled. Thank you.

  12. Monica Rudolph /

    Do you have the date for this merit badge?

    Thank you,
    Monica Rudolph
    Troop 455 Merit Badge Coordinator

  13. Bernadine /

    Have you scheduled the Fall 2015 Nuclear Science Merit Badge? My son has been interested in this badge for a while. Please let me know when the class is scheduled.

    Thank you!

    Bernadine Bramblett

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