Meeting Minutes 1/15/14

  1. Andrew – welcome and announcements
    1. Introduce Dr. Erickson again – student faculty mixer coming up, if you want to be a tour guide email her
    2. Sequoyah trip a success, reimbursements are ready if you hunt B.Fehr
    3. Exelon speaker 1/13 was interesting – ideas or requests for other speakers should go to Andrew or Jessica
    4. The website is a thing so go look at it. Chris just posted a bunch of internships and the calendar is being updated regularly and can be synced with your own google cal
  2. Conference: April 3-6
    1. Registration is now open thru sometime in March, but price increases on Feb 15
    2. TMI tour is filling up, so we should sign up ASAP
    3. Price cut for national ANS members – do it.
    4. Need to book a flight and reserve hotel before registering. Hotel info is on the conference website.
    5. Extra meeting next week for booking blitz!!!!!!!!
  3. Katie – mentoring
    1. Do you wanna build a snoooowman? Mentor/Mentee Frozen Date at 6:25, 1/15. Email will be sent out later with logistics. Come! And contact Katie if you want to get a mentee/mentor.
  4. Internship Fair
    1. Jan 28th-29th
    2. Potential resume workshop next week
  5. Earth Day
    1. Friday April 18th – we table
  6. Boy Scout Day
    1. March 1 or 8

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