Minutes from 8/20/2013

Here are the minutes from the officer meeting last Tuesday!


  1. Welcome back!
  2. Communication
  1. Facebook, Groupme
  1. First meeting 27th  First meeting will be the info session from the NNSA guy on Thursday
  1. welcome meeting
  2. videos
  3. bring freshmen
  1. NNSA info session Thursday, 29 11:00
  2. Poster Fair Sept 5 – Research. Attendance would be good.
  3. Dr. Erickson
  1. communication within the dept – grad and undergrad
  2. Katie talk to grad contacts
  3. Workshop for applying to grad school, maybe?
  4. Get students involved in research
  5. Outreach – going to high schools, targeting undecided engineers (talk to GT 1000)
  1. Officer Reports
  1. Katie
  1. grad student stuff
  1. Molly
  1. Twitter, Facebook
  2. Focus on Linkedin
  1. Brandon
  1. No word yet on conference reimbursement
  2. Budget for this year outlined by Martin
  1. Jeff
  1. Labor Day Cookout planning is underway – Monday, Sep. 2, 12:00-3:00
  1. food, cornhole, volleyball, other games
  2. need to invite grad students and professors
  1. Shoot the ‘hooch
  1. Sep. 7, weather permitting (weekend after Labor Day)
  2. Maybe charge members the cost of raft and vest and provide
  1. Braves game as another option
  1. Jessica
  1. NRC tour sometime Nov. 12-15 (Tues-Fri)
  2. Waiting to hear back from several speakers
  1. Chris
  1. working to get a calendar on the website
  1. Martin
  1. FASET went well! Woop de woop!
  2. working to organize a meeting for people with internships to talk about their experiences.
  1. Ideas
  1. Fat Man and Little Boy Mentoring Program
  2. Get grad students to talk about research at one meeting



Brandon, Andrew, Martin, (Margaret) – switch over the credit cards

Andrew – set up the Groupme and the Google Calendar

Katie – reserve a set of speakers from the Fun Shop for the Labor Day cookout

Jeff – reserve Curran parking deck for the Labor Day cookout and other cookout duties

Molly – Facebook event for cookout

Jessica – find out which companies will be at career fair and maybe available to speak, keep getting contact info


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